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About Caring Connections


Caring Connections was built on a  foundation of caring.  Our professional care providers are hand-picked for their skills, integrity and friendly demeanor that supports the professionalism that we are known for and that you seek for your loved ones. 

Caring Connections knows that there is no place like home and we do everything we can to infuse those in our care with the comforts of their home without compromising their comfort, safety, and well-being.

Leah, a financial adviser by trade, is the founder and owner of Caring Connections and has spent her entire career focusing on the senior community by assisted them with their financial well-being. Leah developed a deep understanding of their needs and vulnerabilities. In her heart, she formed a bond with the elderly. Leah says,  "For years I’ve played a major role in assisting seniors to accumulate and maintain a healthy “financial” lifestyle in retirement, now I want to play an even more prominent part in their lives and  thus utilize my abilities to assist seniors in maintaining their quality of life by staying at home surrounded by what’s most dear to them."

Caring Connections guarantees you a relationship of dedication and trust, and because we understand the need to have access to us at all times,   our motto is to do everything with the well-being of your loved ones in mind.

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