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Live-in Care Services

Do Not Hesitate To Get Live-In Care Services to Keep You or Your Family Member Independent.

Care to the elderly via live-in care services may be just the solution you need if you have a loved one in your life who is concerned about losing their independence in a full-time nursing home but still needs some extra care as they age or recover from an injury, surgery, or illness. Remember that bringing someone in to provide live-in care services does not mean it has to change anything about your lifestyle or that it needs to be permanent. We provide our services to people who are in recovery and are always proud to move on when the patient no longer needs us because they are healed and once again fully independent. We also enjoy long term full-time situations and look forward to seeing our regulars daily or weekly.

Our care to the elderly services may include light housekeeping such as dusting, vacuuming, changing linens, keeping the kitchen clean, light errands, medication reminders, grooming reminders, and more. We will help you or your loved one find that perfect balance of independence and assistance that will encourage freedom and safety alike. This is what makes Caring Connections stand out. We care about your true needs and strive to help our patients be comfortable and happy every step of the way. We will show up at your home at the scheduled time, do the tasks set out for us to do in a friendly manner, and always put the wants and needs of the client on a specific day first. If you want to visit for an hour that's great and if you are in the mood to nap the whole time while we clean the linens and prepare dinner, that works as well. There is no social pressure from our caregivers, just real help when needed, and a friendly demeanor every day.

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