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Companion Agency

Looking for Home Care Accepting Private Long Term Care Insurance?

Bringing a new person into a household, even for a small part of the day, can feel foreign and overwhelming. We want to assure you that our caretakers are trained, caring, and friendly. We are more than just companionship, we offer a helping hand for seniors. If you have any questions about in home care then schedule your two-hour consultation to get to know our company and discuss your needs, any questions you may have, and any concerns you have about in home care. Remember that our goal is to meet your needs or the needs of your loved ones. We will make sure you are comfortable with the in home care services you receive and the caregiver assigned to you. In home care is not like a nursing home in your home, you have all the freedom and control that you always enjoyed. A companion agency simply allows you an increased level of safety, cleanliness, and mobility. We also provide a helping hand for seniors by running errands, going to Bingo, attending church, going to book clubs, shopping, and so much more daily with our clients. We fit our services to fit your daily needs.

We understand the big step you are taking and we are experienced and caring as the transition is made to scheduled assistance. Our caregivers often end up as friends before the end of their service with your family. Call today for your free two-hour consultation, we offer solutions to problems that may have been haunting your mind. We have been providing quality care for seniors for a long time and we understand the ins and outs of caregiving physically and emotionally. So if you are looking for a home care accepting private long term care insurance that you can trust to get everything right, come to a companion agency that cares as the bottom line and builds service from there.

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