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Certified LHCSA

Discharge From Rehab to Home Care With Certified LHCSA Precision Home CareHEADING 2

If you or a loved one wants to remain independent and at home even though there are risks associated with being alone then it may be time to call in the caring and qualified home nurses for home health care. At Caring Connections we offer personalized services for each family and you can schedule in home nurses and caregivers for as little or as much time as you need for the level of care that is needed while they are there. We provide services that include errand running, daily meals and clean up, grooming assistance or supervision, medication supervision or assistance, sleepovers, light housekeeping, linen changes, and more. Each situation calls for a unique workload to meet the needs of the individual and we strive to make a clear care plan to meet your needs from the start with flexibility if your health changes or mood determines you need a different care plan on certain days. 

A precision solution means a solution that not only meets your needs but also does so in a way that is so simple and organic that you wonder why you did not call in-home health care earlier. Our customized care plans designed to meet specifically your needs is one of the things that makes us stand out. We want to help you and your family members to enjoy their golden age with grace, independence, and dignity and we do so with clear plans and big hearts.

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